Introduction to Keywords for Music in Peacebuilding, Volume 2


  • Craig Robertson University of York
  • Olivier Urbain Min-On Music Research Institute
  • Elaine Sandoval City University of New York
  • Michael Golden Soka University of America


We are extremely happy to include in this volume experts and/or activists from music sociology, inclusive education, peace studies, transformative leadership, ethnomusicology, community music, spirituality and post-war reconstruction. The keywords found in this volume cover debates about identity and peacebuilding, notions of space, inclusion, sound communities and transitional justice.

Author Biographies

Craig Robertson, University of York

Craig Robertson is the Research Development Manager (Arts and Humanities) at the University of York, a Research Fellow at the Min-On Music Research Institute (Tokyo) and a director of the Music for Healthy Lives Research and Practice Network (Leeds). He has research interests in music and conflict/peace, wellbeing, music therapy and music as a human right.

Olivier Urbain, Min-On Music Research Institute

Olivier Urbain is the director of the Min-On Music Research Institute (MOMRI, Tokyo), which focuses on the application of music in peacebuilding activities, in short, “Music in Peacebuilding.” He is the editor of the first book on the topic, Music and Conflict Transformation (2008), as well as co-editor of Music and Solidarity (2011) and Music, Power and Liberty (2016). He is part-time lecturer at Soka University, Tokyo and Visiting Research Professor at Queen's University Belfast.

Elaine Sandoval, City University of New York

Elaine Sandoval is a PhD candidate in Ethnomusicology at the Graduate Center, City University of New York. Sponsored by a Fulbright, she conducted dissertation fieldwork in Venezuela between 2016-2018 on the national music education program El Sistema, specifically the program Alma Llanera. Elaine is an Associate Research Fellow for the Min-On Music Research Institute.

Michael Golden, Soka University of America

Michael Golden serves as Professor of Music and Director of the Creative Arts Program at Soka University of America, where he teaches courses on subjects including composition, improvisation, music and peacebuilding, music psychology and music and ecology. His publications to date focus on musicking as ecological behaviour. He is a Research Fellow at the Min-On Music Research Institute.