The following articles will be published in future issues of Music and Arts in Action:


MAiA, Vol. 6 (1) 2017 forthcoming very soon!


AUMI-Futurism: the Elsewhere and "Elsewhen" of (Un)Rolling the Boulder and Turning the Page

Jesse Stewart, Sherrie Tucker, Peter A. Williams, Kip Haaheim


Testing Musical Traditions: for social and human development amongst the Ga people in South-East Ghana

Nola Marshall


How Support Personnel Shape Artworks: the case of stage managers

Gregory T. Kordsmeier


Singing Against Loneliness: songs of a homeless choir in Porto

Graça Boal-Palheiros


The Nile Project: making music for peace in the Nile Basin region

Kelly Mancini Becker


Book Reviews

Book Review: Zembylas, T. (Ed.). (2014). Artistic Practices: social interactions and cultural dynamics. Routledge

Eva Schurig