A Comparison of Teachers' Values and Perceptions in Sistema-inspired Programmes


  • Richard Hallam Music Education Consultant | UK


Within the context of Sistema and Sistema inspired programmes it is important to know whether the values, beliefs and experiences of teachers differ between and within programmes as this will impact on the effectiveness of programmes and the experiences of participating children. This research explored these issues comparing programmes in Canada, Colombia and Europe. Rating scales with 48 statements relating to values, pedagogic approaches, and desired outcomes for students were designed following a thematic analysis of preliminary interviews undertaken with 17 teachers from three programmes. Questionnaires were completed by 149 teachers from 34 Sistema-inspired programmes in Canada, Europe, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, England, Romania, Slovakia, Srebrenica, Switzerland, Wales and Colombia. Data were collected via Survey Monkey. Analysis of variance was used to analyse the data using SPSS. There were high levels of agreement for almost all statements but with significant differences and a wide spread of ratings for some. Colombian teachers responded more positively for almost all statements. All teachers agreed that their pupils enjoyed music. The findings highlighted areas of similarity and difference indicating the importance of these issues being considered in relation to teacher recruitment and continuing professional development.