Introduction: Transgressing and Reworking Social Boundaries Through Dance and Music



In this introduction article, we present the origins of this Special Issue publication and set out the analytical themes underpinning it. The articles in this collection all focus on music and dance in and from the Global South. The central analytical theme connecting the contributions is that of boundaries and the role of dance and music in transgressing and reworking sets of boundaries. This refers to the boundaries of methodological conventions, the boundaries that are often drawn between what are deemed private and public spheres, the role of gender in relation to boundaries as well the spatial dimension of transgressing and reworking boundaries - including the emplaced aspects of dance and music.

Author Biographies

Roy Huijsmans, International Institute of Social Studies | Erasmus University

Roy Huijsmans is an associate professor at the International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University, The Netherlands. His research focuses on young people and social change based on field research in mainland Southeast Asia and the Netherlands. Recent publications include work on young people in migration, the platform economy, mobile technologies, and aspirations

Katarzyna (Kasia) Grabska, Peace Research Institute Oslo | Norway


Katarzyna (Kasia) Grabska is a feminist anthropologist and a senior researcher at the Peace Research Institute, Oslo, Norway. Her current research focuses on artistic practice in conflict and exile settings. She has also researched on issues of gender, youth, access to rights for refugees, and social transformations in the contexts of displacement, war and forced migration. Kasia works with visual media, feminist methodologies, and collaborative and transformative methodologies. In her commitment to engaged and co-creative knowledge production and sharing, she often collaborates with artists and engages with art-based research to understand issues of civic engagement, social justice, belonging, displacement, mobilities and identities. She is also a filmmaker.



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