A gendered discourse analysis of Clement Magwaza’s Istambo Sami song text


  • Nkululeko Sibanda Lupane State University
  • Novuyo Nkala


This paper analyses Clement Magwaza’s Istambo Sami song text as a discourse through which one can understand the gendered Ndebele/ Kalanga society. Deploying textual reading of Magwaza’s song text, this article argues that this song is useful in understanding and analysing the articulation of gendered power dimensions, gender hegemony, objectification of women and cultural practices that anchor relationships and growth in the Zimbabwean Ndebele/ Kalanga society. Further, this account contends that Magwaza’s music as a cultured ‘way speaking’ provides a particular way of conceptualizing interactions that are compatible with the socio-cultural perspectives of the Ndebele/ Kalanga community. As such, we attest, through this article, that the examination of Magwaza’s song text as a discourse provides us an opportunity to understand and appreciate discursive ideological meanings and operation of power, specifically at local gendered relationships. Through analysing Magwaza’s Istambo Sami [My Lollipop/ My sweetheart] song text, we seek to expose nuanced gendered discourses articulated in and through the song.

Keywords: Magwaza; Istambo sami; discourse; ideology; power; gender