• Shoshana Gottesman Jerusalem Youth Chorus


Dialogue used within music in peacebuilding includes social, musical, and educational processes of rehumanisation, while also disrupting oppressive knowledge that has been learned and preserved through structural violence, cultural violence (Galtung, 1990), and conflict. According to educational philosopher Paulo Freire, dialogue is an ‘act of creation’ (2000) through which individuals raise their critical consciousness in order to name their world. Developing this praxis requires dialogical musical spaces and ‘communicative creativity’ (Urbain, 2016), within which to explore and reflect upon values, narratives, realities, and power dynamics, to build more inclusive and equalizing communities, and potentially a just peace.

Author Biography

Shoshana Gottesman, Jerusalem Youth Chorus

Shoshana Gottesman devotes her time to the exploration and development of dialogical musical spaces as locations for youth-led conflict transformation. By combining her years of experience in the fields of music education and values-based education with her studies in peacebuilding and human rights education from Teachers College, Columbia University, Shoshana has enjoyed invaluable experiences in teaching budding musicians, teacher and facilitator preparation courses, program and curriculum writing, and publishing. The cross-section of critical pedagogy, music education, values-based education, education philosophy, and curriculum writing are her current exploratory spaces of play.  Shoshana has worked with Israeli-Palestinian music education – encounter dialogue programs, such as Heartbeat and The Jerusalem Youth Chorus, in addition to Cultures in Harmony-Atlas Music Festival, and the Nawa Music Center in Taybieh. The methodologies she uses are continuously being developed and explored as a violist and music educator – activist.